Clown Treefrog

Why 'Treefrog'?

If you're wondering why I called my business "Treefrog", it's because for many years I have had a keen interest in reptiles and amphibians, especially in treefrogs. Over the years I have maintained a collection of various species in my home, including Red Eyed Treefrogs (agalychnis callidryas), White Lipped Treefrogs (litoria infrafrenata), Clown Treefrogs (dendropsophus leucophyllatus), Black-spotted Casque-headed Treefrogs (Trachycephalus nigromaculatus), Amazon Milk Frogs (Trachycephalus resinifictrix), several species of Phyllomedusa and various others.

I keep these delicate and demanding, fascinating little creatures in carefully set up and maintained terrariums, with controlled heat, UV light, and humidity. This is a photo (click on it for a larger version) of one of my terrariums, completely hand-built by me - including the backdrop - used for housing Red Eyed Treefrogs. It includes a pond, waterfall, rain machine, fog machine, and tropical plants for them to hide in during the day.