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Our Services

treefrog foot on Leonardo da Vinci's Vetruvian Man drawingDesign Solutions

When we are briefed on a project, we consider a number of factors, including:

Once we've analysed all the relevant information, we create a design that meets all the above criteria. When we pitched to SouthWestern Art, an art dealer chain based in the South Western United States, we were up against local design agencies, but we won the pitch because our concept best reflected the nature of their business. Our objectives are to ensure visitors enjoy their experience, that they clearly understand what the site is about and can navigate quickly and easily, that they remain on the site for as long as is necessary to fullfil their (and the client's) objectives, and ideally revisit the site in the future.

treefrog sitting on the worldInternet Solutions

Whether you like it or not, the Internet is a part of our everyday lives, and it's easy to see why: The audience is world-wide, setup and running costs are relatively low, and the ability to include multimedia, databases and online ordering, make it superior to the printed page in almost every respect.

These days it's almost a given that if you don't have a website, you should have, and if you do have a website, is it as effective as it could be? Perhaps your business has grown and you need a more comprehensive site to reflect this. Perhaps people aren't finding your site, or perhaps it could just do with a fresh new look. Either way, we can help you make the most of your web presence, including:

Domain Names

We can help find the right domain name(s) for your business or service, either as a standalone name, or as part of a package including server space, email accounts, etc.

Online Catalogues

If you have more than a few products or services, we can build an online catalogue by creating a database (or using an existing database if you already have one). This allows for easy tracking, updates and maintenance, as well as being able to link-in with e-commerce solutions.

Website Redesign

If you already have a website but feel it needs a fresh new look, or perhaps your business has grown and your site needs to reflect this, we can create an exciting new design, or simply update your existing one.

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treefrog sitting on a pile of cashE-Commerce

The last decade has seen an incredible growth in online selling and ordering (e-commerce), and it's easy to see why. The advantages of selling online are enormous:

If you've never sold online before, "e-commerce" can seem rather daunting, but we can help make it simple. Whether you are a multi-million pound/dollar/euro etc. retail chain or a small home-based business only selling a handful of products, we can guide you through the entire process including - as and where necessary - setting up a merchant account, address verification systems, security measures, creating a bespoke shopping cart system, creating stock level monitors and order fullfilment systems, or even just setting up a simple PayPal account to sell a few products or a specific service. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

treefrogs in amplexusSite Maintenance

Once your webiste is looking its best, it's important to keep the content up-to-date and fresh. This is even more important if you have products or services that change regularly. Even if you don't, we can make recommendations on ways to keep your website from looking "neglected".

There are several options for maintaining your site, depending on whether you want to maintain the site yourself or not:


If you're familiar with editing HTML and CSS, and if you have the time, you'll probably want to make updates to your site yourself. In this case, once we've finishing the production, we will upload the site to its designated web space, and thereafter it's up to you to make any changes to the content. If you're not familiar with HTML and CSS but don't mind picking up the basics, we can provide guidance on how to make changes, and can even leave hidden (commented-out) marks on where to make the changes.

Leave it to us

If you don't have the knowledge or time to do your own updates, we can do it for you. A number of our clients choose this option as it's easy to manage and cost-effective if the edits aren't very frequent or large. We can do it on an ad-hoc basis, or agree a monthly or annual retainer fee, depending on the size and complexity of the updates required.

Content Management Systems

If your site requires regular and/or extensive updating, for example if you have an online catalogue or frequently changing elements, this makes most sense. We will design and produce the site based usually around a bespoke Content Management System (CMS), which stores information, data, photos etc in a database. This allows easy changes, additions and deletions, done via a password-protected admin area, without any required knowledge of web editing.

treefrog climbing on a pile of booksSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO)

As part of our service, we will optimise your site to ensure the best possible placement in search engine results, as well as making sure your site is registered with all the main search engines. We can also advise on and implement online marketing strategies, methods, and analysis tools.

treefrog perching on a fountain penOther Services

We don't just make things look nice. We do our utmost to offer a 'full-service', above and beyond just design. Here are some of the other services we provide:

Copywriting & Editing

"It's not what you say, but how you say it." Sometimes a professional touch can make all the difference. We have experience in writing advertising, technical, medical, and direct marketing copy, so even though you'll know your business better than us, we can probably put your message across in a more effective way. We can also edit and proof-read what you write.

Online Marketing

We offer a full marketing service, including target market analysis, online advertising options and strategies, and in particular, search engine optimisation. After all, being on the Internet without anyone knowing you're there is like winking at someone in the dark - you know what you're doing but nobody else does!


We can add animation and video to your site in a variety of formats, including JavaScript, Flash, animated GIFs, embedded and streaming videos, and Java applets. A simple animated logo can add impact and interest to an otherwise static screen, and an animated banner (e.g. a slideshow of featured products) can bring an entire site to life. However, simply because the technology is available doesn't mean it will improve a website - it's all too easy to add unnecessary 'bling' to a site, which can be frustrating and confusing for the visitor. So we always recommend their use only when they add something positive to the site, and to the user experience.

Press Advertising

Since our early days of Rötring pens, Magic Markers, Letraset, typesetting, and pasting-up bromides with spray mount, we've been designing and producing magazine advertisements, from small mono block ads to multi-page full-colour spreads. Of course nowadays we do it all on computer, but the principles are the same.

Catalogues & Brochures

From single-sheet flyers to 100+ page catalogues, we can do it all (and have). We can also arrange photography (including studio hire, props and models, if required), choosing the right paper and board, finding a suitable printer, and arranging delivery.

Corporate Identities

A good, easily identifiable corporate identity is one of the most important aspects of your business. The biggest companies spend millions on them, but have you ever wondered why their logos are usually very simple? Look at Microsoft, Google, BT, etc. - simple, but very effective. We're not saying that all logos must be simple, but we do understand what works (and what doesn't). We can also design stationery, from letterheads and business cards to invoices and envelopes, and we can arrange printing and delivery if required.

If there's anything not mentioned in these pages that you think we might be able to help you with, please feel free to contact us, and we'll do all we can to help you.